Every successful business owner knows their own product or service better than just about anyone else. They know how much it costs, how to market it and how to profit from it. And most successful business people typically have one thing in common: they make lousy accountants.

It's not that successful entrepreneurs couldn't be good accountants; most just don't have the time. Every growing business reaches the point where more money is made by doing what it does best rather than keeping its books. Financial and tax reporting burdens can quickly overwhelm a growing business without professional assistance.

We provide every level of accounting assistance a small business would ever need: from maintaining its general ledger, payroll and payroll tax returns, to tax planning and return preparation. Most importantly, we advise busy entrepreneurs on their tax situation and point out areas where financial improvements might be made. We typically charge a flat monthly or quarterly fee for these services so our costs to the owner are predictable.

If you have a new or growing small business and want the peace of mind that comes from a professional handling your accounting needs, please give us a call. We'll meet with you for free, discuss what would work best for your business and quote you a price for our services.


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